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glaros-1Apartments "Amanakis Kostas AEOLUS" in Palekastro - Kouremenos

Aeolos apartments, surrounded by a beautiful olive garden, are an oasis of privacy and tranquility. This is a small complex of apartments encircling a pool, which is ideal for those seeking for a quite residence for their vacation. Nevertheless, there is easy access to the lively beaches of the area, as Kouremenos beach and Chiona beach are within walking distance. A ten minute walk to the nearby village Agathias can provide everyday’s grocery. The apartments have room for up to four people, are air conditioned and have a fully equipped kitchenette.

Tel. +30 28430 61282, +30 28430 61228. Fax. +30 28430 61053

Website: Aeolus apts

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Agnanti apartments http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/accommodation/palekastro/kouremenos/146-agnanti-apartments http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/accommodation/palekastro/kouremenos/146-agnanti-apartments

Agnanti apartmentsAPARTMENTS "Agnanti apartments" in Palekastro - Kouremenos

Agnanti Apartments consists of 3 fully self-contained apartments. All apartments created with taste and furnished with enough taste to offer the best possible comfort to you and your family at very affordable prices. The first apartment can accommodate 3 people and has one bedroom with a double bed and the living room sofa which can be a bed.

Tel.: 0030 6936504617
Mob. : 0030 6936504617

Website: http://agnanti-apts.com/

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Akti Villas http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/accommodation/palekastro/kouremenos/49-akti-villas http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/accommodation/palekastro/kouremenos/49-akti-villas

akti-villasAPARTMENTS-VILLAS "Akti Villas" in Palekastro - Kouremenos

The complex is located in a quiet and picturesque area in Kouremenos, 2 km far away from Palekastro, eastern Crete. It is ideal for couples and families looking for quality and ultimately relaxing holidays away from the mudding crowds. Akti Villas is built to offer a comfortable and friendly environment for ideal summer vacations. It lays only 30m from the sea surrounded by a green area of olive trees.

Tel : +30 28430 61065 - 61227 Mob. +30 6974469380

Website: http://www.akti-villas.gr

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Almira Villas http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/accommodation/xerokambos/148-almira-villas http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/accommodation/xerokambos/148-almira-villas

Almira VillasAlmira Villas at Xerokampos

Villa Almira is placed on a terraced land located on the first hills that overlook the bay of Amatu, about two hundred meters from the beautiful and long beach named Megaliparalia. The two comfortable detached villas proposed are built in local stone and traditional Cretan style, very well finished both in the indoors and outdoors, and are suitable for relaxing holidays even for periods other than summer. Manager:Efi Marazaki

Mobile / Tel: +30 6932703608

Email: andrea18@otenet.gr

Website:Almira Villas

service@webcrete.com (Itanos) Xerokambos Fri, 13 Feb 2015 23:37:20 +0200
Amalia Villa http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/accommodation/palekastro/kouremenos/52-amalia-villa http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/accommodation/palekastro/kouremenos/52-amalia-villa

Villa AmaliaAPARTMENTS "VILLA AMALIA" in Palekastro - Kouremenos

We are in an ideal location above Kouremenos windsurfing beach.

As of now we are the closest accommodation to the natural palm beach, Vai. We welcome you to join us in a summer of fun in the beautiful area of Palekastro.

Tel: +30 28430 61047

Email: amalia@sit.forthnet.gr

Website: Villa Amalia

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Ambeles studios http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/accommodation/zakros/kato-zakros/67-ambeles-studios http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/accommodation/zakros/kato-zakros/67-ambeles-studios

Ambeles RoomsApts./ Rooms "AMBELES" at Kato Zakros

Apts/Rooms to let with color TV, cooker and air conditioning. Traditional tavern with a view to the sea. Quiet, comfortable environment. Large car park.

Marianna and Vasilia Tzouanaki

Mobile: +30 6972221924 - +30 69777 41423

Website: Ambeles Rooms

service@webcrete.com (Itanos) Kato Zakros Thu, 07 Mar 2013 13:29:00 +0200
Anatoli rooms http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/accommodation/palekastro/agathias-hiona/75-anatoli-rooms http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/accommodation/palekastro/agathias-hiona/75-anatoli-rooms

Anatoli RoomsRooms "Anatoli" in Agathias - Palekastro

Our rooms are in the traditional village Agathias near Palekastro, with view to the sea and in a distance 500m. from the beach. With 24 hours service, quiet, family and friendly environment. Private parking.

Tel: +30 28430 61115

Website: Anatoli rooms


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Athena rooms http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/accommodation/zakros/kato-zakros/65-athena-rooms http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/accommodation/zakros/kato-zakros/65-athena-rooms

Athina RoomsRooms "Athena" at Kato Zakros

In a breathing distance from the waves (only 20m) with view to the immense light blue of the sea with the transparently crystal waters of the fascinating waterside, it has rooms invested at the walls with natural stones with mirrors between them and roofs from timber.

Tel: +30 28430 26893 Fax: 28430 26894

Mob. : 0030 6974656617

Website:  www.kato-zakros.gr


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Bay view rooms http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/accommodation/zakros/kato-zakros/68-bay-view-rooms http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/accommodation/zakros/kato-zakros/68-bay-view-rooms

Bay view roomsRooms "Bay View" at Kato Zakros

Ten quiet rooms with beautiful view, located on the hill between Zakros and Kato Zakros, near the entrance of the gorge of the “dead” . Near by is a farm with wild birds. Very reasonable prices.

Tel - fax: +30 28430 26887

Website: Bay view rooms

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Casadimare apartments http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/accommodation/palekastro/kouremenos/156-casa-di-mare-christina http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/accommodation/palekastro/kouremenos/156-casa-di-mare-christina

CasadimareAPARTMENTS "Casadimare" in Palekastro - Kouremenos 

Just 70 metres from the beach, this air-conditioned apartments/studios offers free Wi-Fi and balcony overlooking the Cretan Sea, the mountains and the sun terrace. A TV and a kitchenette with cooking facilities, fridge and coffee maker are included.

Tel: +30 28430 61178 Mob: 6972871861

Website: Casadimare apts

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