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Biking or cycling tours in Palekastro and Zakros regionIf you are a mountain bike lover or healthy living is part of your life, then here’s your place to be. Explore the beautiful prefecture of  Palekastro - Kato Zakros, Crete on our fascinating mountain bike tours in order to learn more about the landscape, culture and the people who inhabit this fantastic Island.


 Our website offer maps and information about cycling tours with mountain bikes on dirt roads, old trails and isolated asphalt roads in Palekastro - Zakros Region, to visit traditional villages and mountainous and coastal areas. Enjoy the spectacular views and smells of Crete, the island of contrasts!


Mountainbike tour 1: Palekastro - Xerolimni - Karidi - Adravasti

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Mountainbike tour 2: Kato Zakros Beach - Kato Zakros Gorge

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