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Richtis GorgeThe enchanting gorge and waterfall of Richtis (or Rihtis gorge) can be “discovered” in Eastern Crete by a distance of 32km from Palekastro and 50 from Zakros. It starts from the traditional village “Exo Mouliana”, which is located on the national road between Agios Nikolaos and Sitia and ends at the secluded Richtis beach, just east of the village Kalavros.

It will take you about 3 hours to enjoy a 4.8 km clearly marked and safely walkable route along the gorge, surrounded by plane trees (Platanus) and the dulcet scent of sage, thyme and numerous other local herbs and flowers.

The path starts at Exo Mouliana village, continues over the very old stone bridge of Lachanas, which used to be part of the 19th century route to Agios Nikolaos, followed by alternating sceneries of the mountains and the gorge. You can observe old mills and stone houses along the path and also many local species of butterflies and vegetation.

The route culminates with the 16m high Rihtis waterfall where you can take a break to enjoy the magical scenery, taste fresh berries directly from the bush and take a refreshing swim in the pond under the waterfall.

A short walk along the gorge after the waterfall will take you to Richtis beach where you can enjoy a swim in the sea, some relaxing time under the Tamarisk (salt cedar) trees and refresh yourself with some water from the fountain which receives clean water from a nearby source in the mountains. And if you brought a snack with you can use the stone tables and seats under the Tamarisk trees to enjoy a meal and gain some strength for your way back!

For your return journey from Rihtis beach you can, of course, walk along the gorge back to Exo Mouliana village. But it is recommended that you enjoy the mountain and sea views and also the gorge from above by walking the concrete road that starts at Richtis beach and will also take you back to Exo Mouliana village. If you prefer this road is also easily accessible by car and you can have a friend or a local travel agency waiting for you to take you back by car.

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Xerokambos gorge http://eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/gorges/132-xerokambos http://eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/gorges/132-xerokambos

 Xerokambos GorgeThis gorge is located on the route from Zakros to Xerokambos. After the region of "Agrilia", where its many branches meet, an impressive landscape appears. From this point of entry to its exit to the sea the distance is about 1,5 km. At the beach of "Katsounaki", on its beautiful sand dunes grow the famous lilies of the Minoan frescos. The altitude difference is about 100 meters. There is no marked path and its crossing is a bit difficult, but still accessible.

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Gorge of the dead in Zakros http://eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/gorges/117-gorge-of-the-dead-in-zakros http://eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/gorges/117-gorge-of-the-dead-in-zakros

Zakros gorge"Faraggi ton Nekron" (gorge of the dead) or the gorge of Zakros

There is a sacred relationship between the people of east Crete and the gorges since antiquity, when nature was worshiped and ancient Cretan deities were closely connected with its reproductive abilities.

The Gorge "ton nekron" ("Faraghi ton nekron", meaning, the gorge of the dead) in Zakros is a place that carries these ancient roots and bonds of humans with nature. A visit to the gorges of the region is at the same time a journey in ancient nature, in the civilization and history of Sitia. The natural landscape in this journey constantly changes. The landscape varies from green lands, rich in vegetation to dry, wild and naked areas. In spring, the green cliffs release the scents of pure Cretan nature.

The most famous and most visited gorge of eastern Crete. A wonderful route that starts southeast from the village "Ano Zakros", crosses the gorge and ends next to the Minoan palace in the gulf of "Kato Zakros". It is accessible year-round, spans 2,5 km in length and the altitude difference from the entrance to the exit is about 100 meters.



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Virgin & Nature, East Crete http://eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/activities/hiking/97-virgin-nature-east-crete http://eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/activities/hiking/97-virgin-nature-east-crete

Nature and flowers in CreteΑ trip in Eastern Crete, in a land of unprecedented contradictions and dazzling beauty the predominant impression is that of a nature which is marked by all those features that human intelligence and sensuality should long for and the artistic expression should imitate.


Flower in Crete

- The nature of Eastern Crete remains rich and virgin

- There are many expanded candidate "NATURA areas"

- Numerous sites of exceptional natural beauty


- Rare geological forms and sights of geological  development

- Ten (10) large gorges and geological crevices

- Three hundred (300) caves of great interest

- Two thousand one hundred (2100) species of self-sown plants, 300 are endemic and there are many aromatic or medicinal plants

- Α great number of rare animal and bird species. Here  you can find the biggest colony in the world of the Eleanor's falcon (FALCO DΕ ELEONORA)

- The richest and purest sea biotope in the Aegean (Northern of Psiros island) where even corals grow.


Cretan NatureCretan natureCretan bee


- Wide meadows with the protected seaweed kind "Poseidonia

- The unique in Europe Palm tree forest of Vai

- The beginning of the European path Ε4 (Kato Zakros)

- Many biotopes of mixed Euro-African vegetation (in Vai, Koufonisi etc.)


Cretan NatureCretan NatureCretan Nature

Cretan NatureCretan Nature

- According to the ecology professor of the Crete University Mr. Mylonas: "A natural environment one of its kind in Greece and in EurBig bird in Creteope is of course a very rare if not unique natural and aesthetic Jewel"


Gorge in Eastern Crete


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Hametoulo-Xerokambos gorge http://eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/gorges/16-hametoulo-xerokambos http://eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/gorges/16-hametoulo-xerokambos

Hametoulo - Xerokambos gorgeThis impressive small gorge of Hametoulo starts from the region of Ziros by an altitute of 6oom, but you can enter by the region of small and traditional village Hametoulo and ends at the beautiful beach south of Xerokambos. It is relatively easy to cross. It is about 3,0 km long and the altitude difference from the entrance to the exit is about 400 meters.

For walkers Xerokambos is a paradise, with little-known places (Xerokambos gorge, 3km north from Hametoulo gorge) and unknown ravines, gorges and canyons. It is also ideal for beach lovers. It can also be a starting point for trips, with tourist highlights. For those who would like themselves to be comfortable, there'sa child friendly beach with sun beds and umbrellas. It is also a true paradise for divers.

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Karoumes gorge http://eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/gorges/11-karoumes-gorge http://eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/gorges/11-karoumes-gorge

karoumes-1A small, easily accessible gorge, starts from the village "Hohlakies" which is located between Palekastro village and Pano Zakros, and ends at the beautiful bay with is isolated beach of "Karoumes". The gorge is 1,5 km long and starts 500m east from Hochlakies. The altitude difference from the entrance to the exit is about 100 meters.


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