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Xerokambos beachXerokambos beach and village is located 10 km south from Zakros village and 28km from Palekastro. In Xerokampos the landscape is arid and truly eerie, characterized by bare rocks and steep mountains. The vegetation is limited to bushes and there are some places with a few olive groves. A small tourist destination has started developing during the last years, especially after the roads were paved with asphalt.

Xerokambos is ideal for relaxing holidays and is not suggested for party animals. In the village you will find rooms, mini markets and taverns. Pharmacy, butcher and petrol station can be found at Zakros (15 minutes by car), while for withdrawing cash you have to drive up to Ziros (30 ').

All beaches of Xerokambos are unique, with exotic colors and many isolated points. They are all crystal clear and quite shallow, but you should be careful not to swim far from the coast as there are many currents: The locals say that when a boat sinks in Xerokampos it will be found later in Libya.

Now, very easy to reach through a new asphalt-road, Xerokambos is a settlement of houses and holiday areas in the middle of olive trees, in a wonderful, nearly natural landscape with mountains, fantastic sand beaches and a deep blue sea. Xerokambos is popular among with the native tourists, but still very quiet, without hotels with loud animations and bars and discotheques.

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Palm Beach Vai http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/beaches/116-palm-beach-vai http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/beaches/116-palm-beach-vai

Palm Beach VaiVisit the only palmforest in Europe with its clean waters and beautiful beach.  It is situated on the northern edge of the region on the headland of Sidero. Its beauty is unique in Crete. The palm trees grow naturally here and their fronds cover the banks of the small stream that leads to the sea, and its surrounding area.

Quite apart from its beauty, Vai is also of significant ecological worth.  The wetlands created between the edge of the palmforest and the beach are home to a wide variety of birdlife and the ocean is teaming with sea creatures.

Vai: the most important palm tree forest in Europe

A beautiful sandy beach surrounded by the palm tree forest, situated in a valley next to the ancient city of of Itanos. It is 28 km away from Sitia, 8 km from Palekastro and 6km from the monastery "Toplou".

It covers 200 hectares and it consists of agrestal Phoenix Theofrasti palm trees. It is a unique in size forest, not only in Greece but also in Europe.

Except in the beach of Vai, this type of palm tree is also found in units or clusters in other parts of Crete (Preveli, Aghios Nikitas, ect), in other islands of the north-east Aegean, in Cyprus and Turkey.

There are many legends around the origin of the palm tree forest. It is said that it was created by the Phoenicians who, according to a theory, first inhabited the area of Itanos. According to other legends, the palm tree was created by the seeds of dates consumed by the Epyptian soldiers of Ptolemeos or of the King of Pontus, Mithridatis, who in the framework of alliances had settled in the area, or by Saracen pirates. Whatever the cause of its creation, the sure thing is that the palm tree forest of Vai is preserved by the dry and warm climate, as well as the underground water of the valley. Palm trees existed in Crete since antiquity, according to the testimonies of Theofrastos and Plinios and considering their representation on coins and vessels. Clusters of palm trees are also found at the beach of Itanos. Apart from palm trees, other kinds of African vegetation grow in the area, making it a place of unique biodiversity.

The area is also a passage of migrating birds. The landscape is adorned with the pale lines on the horizon, the harmonious interchange of hills and lowlands, the vineyards and the olive plantations, the exotic colors and the dazzling light, while the existence of ancient cities and the "Toplou" monastery assign a unique historical and cultural importance to the region. Due to its unique value and beauty, Vai is protected by the Greek state, the European community and by international conventions.


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Maridatis Beach http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/beaches/31-maridatis http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/beaches/31-maridatis

Maridatis beachMaridati is beautiful unknown pebbly beach at a remote green valley in the area of Palekastro (6km far from Palekastro and 24 from Zakros Village). Here you can enjoy your swimming secluded, far from crowded places.

There is a small torrent in the area (dry in summer) and there are also several tamarisk trees along the beach, so umbrellas are actually needless. There is a small cafe and music bar near the beach. The beach is shaped within two big rocks and is quite short in length. There is a small torrent in the area (dry in summer) and there are also several tamarisk trees 50m from the beach. Maridatis used to attract Venetian ships in the past due to the torrent and the springs of the area.

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Kouremenos Beach http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/beaches/9-kouremenos http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/beaches/9-kouremenos

Kouremenos beachKouremenos is located 1,5km east of Palekastro and 21km east of Sitia and just 300m norh from Chiona beach. Around the Palekastro area, the “Meltemi” wind increases its strength through the local thermal and funneling effect that gives the surface wind an additional 2 Beaufort. This makes Kouremenos bay one of the most wind-certain spots in Europe with wind statistics of 20-28 wind days per month from April to October.

The beach is the longest in the area with a length exceeding 1.5km, bounded on the north by the Cape Tenta and on the south by the Cape Plaka. It has fine brown sand, shallow turquoise waters and several tamarisk trees around. It slightly organized in some areas with umbrellas, showers and beach bars.

The beach is beautiful but the main feature of Kouremenos is elsewhere: the wind. Indeed, the wind here is so strong that the area is popular to windsurfers and kite surfers across Europe. Indeed it is no coincidence that the area hosts the largest windmill generators park in Greece, exploiting the huge wind potential

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Kato Zakros http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/beaches/119-kato-zakros http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/beaches/119-kato-zakros

Kato Zakros beachThe beach of Kato Zakros is an hour's drive from Sitia and 25km south from Palekastro village.  Here you can combine a swim with a visit to the ruins of the Palace of Zakro, the only Minoan Palace to have been excavated in Eastern Crete.

The Palace was built about 1700BC only to be destroyed a few hundred years later by the eruption of the volcano in Santorini and was never reinhabited.

The site remained undisturbed until excavations brought a wide range of valuable artefacts to light, most of which can now be seen in the Archaeological Museums of Sitia and Heraklion.



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Karoumes beach http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/beaches/133-karoumes http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/beaches/133-karoumes

Karoumes beachAccess to Karoumes beach can be done only by walking in the gorge of Hochlakies, which starts east of the village of Hochlakies, since the rugged terrain of the area has kept off the roads. Thus, in order to come here you should leave your car in the picturesque village of Chochlakia and follow the trail that starts 1km east of the village.

The gorge is 3.5km long and has water till summer. The walk usually takes 1.5 hours (in very low tempo), but the canyon is inaccessible in winter. The path along the river is breathtaking, as the gorge with its towering cliffs maneuvers through the bare mountains. In the route you meet several ponds (in spring) and a huge variety of plants. Near the exit, the high surrounding walls turn to a little valley.

At the edge of the valley you will find the beautiful beach of Karoumes. The beach has small pebbles and the water is always calm, since it has eastern orientation. Also, there are many trees offering shade and some rocks on the north side of the beach. The beach is ideal for seclusion because of its distance from the urban centers and the difficult access.

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Itanos Beaches http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/beaches/32-itanos http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/beaches/32-itanos

Itanos BeachThe sandy beach of Erimoupolis is situated slightly to the north of the magnificent  palmforest of Vai. The visitor can combine a swim in the sea with a visit to the ruins of ancient Itanos, which used to be the one remaining Heteocretan city.

This city was engaged for centuries in rivalry with the powerful city of Presos until it secured its destruction by turning the military might of Ierapetra on it. 

The ruins of two early Christian churches prove that it remained an important trading centre up until the early Byzantine period  when it was overshadowed by the ever growing city of Sitia.

The Itanos Beaches:

The first beach is located on the south of the small fort that was once located at the tip of a small peninsula and is accessed via the path that runs beside it. The beach, like all others, is not organized and is very quiet. It has whitish sand and nice calm waters. The scenery is beautiful, especially because there are a few scattered palm trees around where you can find shade. 

In front of the parking lot of Itanos you’ll meet the second beach of Erimoupolis. The beach is sandy and has rocks at several places. It is ideal for snorkeling and there several trees around.

The most beautiful beach, however, is well hidden behind the hill north of the parking area. It is the longest beach and has amazing turquoise waters and fine sand. It is not organized, but has now become quite well known to visitors.

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Chiona http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/beaches/120-chiona http://www.eastcrete-holidays.gr/en/sights/beaches/120-chiona

Chiona beach in PalekastroHere is to be found  yet another Sitia beach sunning itself next to the crystal blue sea.  It is situated 2 kms from Palekastro and 19 km far from Sitia.  Why not try the famous fish soup (kakavia)  found in the charming little fish restaurants next to the beach.

Around the Palekastro area, the "MeItemi" wind increases its strength through the local thermal and funneling effect that gives the surface wind an additional 2 Beaufort. This makes Kouremenos bay one of the most wind-certain spots in Europe with wind statistics of 20-28 wind days per month from April to October. Apart from the perfect swimming conditions for young and old and the "air conditioning effect" which has been enjoyed by many visitors to the area, the bay offers perfect, flat-water conditions close to the shore (due to the off shore wind) as well as clear blue waters and is the perfect spot for those wishing to learn how to windsurf but also for those who even though advanced, want to either practice or learn new surf moves.

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