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Hiking in Palekastro area with view to Kastri hill and to Kouremenos bay

The small plateau south of Palekastro and the pictursque chapel in the midst

Sunrise in Karoumes bay, exceptional beach between Palekastro and Kato Zakros

Windsurfing in Kouremenos Bay

The bay of Kato Zakros and the Deads Gorge in the background

Palm Beach Vai, 7km north of Palekastro village

Xerokambos Beach, 10km south from  Zakros

Oxo Lastsida cave

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Oxo Latsida caveThe cave Okso Latsidi is located in the area of the village Sitanos and it is part of an extended cave complex that expands for more than 6,000 meters in the subsoil of mountainous Sitia. It is one of the richest carst formations in Crete.

Its entrance is next to the provincial road of Sitia-Karydi, between the villages of Sitanos and Katsidoni in an altitude of 684 meters. The main entrance (there are two) has a diameter of 2 meters and has an intense downwards inclination, which exlpains its name ("Latsidi" means "hole" in Eastern Crete). Right after the entrance, a large chamber is revealed, again with a downwards inclination. Its ground is covered with stones of many sizes, clay, and other material, such as wood, branches and leaves.

After passing this chamber, and for the next 250 meters, there are five large, uneven chambers, which are connected with small passages. After passing the sixth chamber there are small tunnels that periodically become narrow. Water flows in their pavement, which increases during the rain seasons. It is believed that the cave of Okso Latsidi used to be part of an underground river.


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