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Kato Zakros

Kato Zakros (11)

Ambeles RoomsApts./ Rooms "AMBELES" at Kato Zakros

Apts/Rooms to let with color TV, cooker and air conditioning. Traditional tavern with a view to the sea. Quiet, comfortable environment. Large car park.

Marianna and Vasilia Tzouanaki

Mobile: +30 6972221924 - +30 69777 41423

Website: Ambeles Rooms

Athina RoomsRooms "Athena" at Kato Zakros

In a breathing distance from the waves (only 20m) with view to the immense light blue of the sea with the transparently crystal waters of the fascinating waterside, it has rooms invested at the walls with natural stones with mirrors between them and roofs from timber.

Tel: +30 28430 26893 Fax: 28430 26894

Mob. : 0030 6974656617

Website:  www.kato-zakros.gr


Bay view roomsRooms "Bay View" at Kato Zakros

Ten quiet rooms with beautiful view, located on the hill between Zakros and Kato Zakros, near the entrance of the gorge of the “dead” . Near by is a farm with wild birds. Very reasonable prices.

Tel - fax: +30 28430 26887

Website: Bay view rooms

Coral RoomsRooms "Coral" at Kato Zakros

In this gorgeous landscape with the natural beauty of Kato Zakros that we selected in order to provide you the traditional rooms "CORAL", ready to welcome you for your vacations, the whole year.

Rooms CORAL are found precisely next to the beach of Kato Zakros, with the splendid view of the immense light blue. The rooms have qualitative models for your pleasant stay.

Tel: +30 28430 26893 Fax: 28430 26894 - Mob. : 0030 6974656617

Website: www.kato-zakros.gr

Apts. "Fotini" at Kato Zakros

Apartments FotinisFotini Apartment on the beach. One bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen. Fully equipped and air-conditioned. Great view to the sea.

Tel: +30 28430 26893 Fax: 28430 26894 - Mob. : 0030 6974656617

Website: Fotini rooms

Katerina apartmentsApts. "Katerina" at Kato Zakros

It is a new small group scrambled in the side of the hill that dominates next to the entry of the "Gorge of Deads" of Kato Zakros. We offer two maisonettes and two apartments with all the modern comforts, with intense the traditional stone architecture. In each maisonette they can be entertained 2-4 individuals with completely equipped kitchen (refrigerator and all the utensils for cooking), with foldaway seats in the beds. As far as the above floor of each maisonette, roof and floor are made exclusively from timber.

Tel: +30 28430 26893 Fax: 28430 26894 - Mob. : 0030 6974656617

Website: www.kato-zakros.gr

Katozakros Palace apartmentsKato Zakros Palace at Kato Zakros

The owners George and Haroula Platanakis take great pleasure in informing you that they have built a small family tourist complex in Kato Zakros. The complex is located at the top of a hill offering a panoramic view onto the plain, the Minoan Palace and to the sea.

George Platanakis - Hotel Manager

Tel./Fax: +30 28430 29550 - Mobile: +30 6974888269.

Website: Kato Zakros Palace Apartments

Stellas Traditional apartmentsAPARTMENTS "STELLA'S" in Kato Zakros

Nothing closer to paradise, at Stella’s Family Hotel you will find all the facilities, info trekking, climbing, warm Cretan hospitality. Relaxation or adventure whatever you choose we can offer it.

Tel. +30 28430 23739  Fax: +30 28430 26883 Mob. : +30 6976719461

Website: Stellas Traditional Apartrments


Stellas Traditional studiosStudios "Traditional Stella's Studios" at Kato Zakros c

At the far eastern end of Crete, by the sea, in the beautiful and hidden village of Kato Zakros Stella & Ilias have 10 studios with double or twin beds, A/C, sea view, verandas, garden, parking.

Tel: +30 28430 23739  Fax: +30 28430 26883 Mob. : +30 6976719461

Website: Stella's Traditional Studios


Terra Minoika Villas"Terra Minoika Villas" in Kato Zakros

A stone creation 
A hymn to the traditional Greek architecture, built totally by native stone, closely tied to the environment
A surprise, even to the experts, due not only to its unique construction but also due to the architectural inspirations of its creators as well.

Tel +30 28430 23739  Fax: +30 28430 26883 Mob. : +30 6976719461

Website: Terra Minoika Villas


giannis_retreatYiannis Retreat Kato Zakros

Yiannis Retreat Studios is a complex of five renovated stone houses, situated in the wonderful green valley of Kato Zakros, surrounded by olive trees, garden plants and bushes, all there for you to enjoy the magnificent view and the blue and clear waters of Kato Zakros bay. Yiannis – Katerina Ailamaki.

+30 28430 25726 - home 28430 93142 - Mobile: +30 6974314083.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: Kato Zakros Yiannis Retreat Apartments