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Hiking in Palekastro area with view to Kastri hill and to Kouremenos bay

The small plateau south of Palekastro and the pictursque chapel in the midst

Sunrise in Karoumes bay, exceptional beach between Palekastro and Kato Zakros

Windsurfing in Kouremenos Bay

The bay of Kato Zakros and the Deads Gorge in the background

Palm Beach Vai, 7km north of Palekastro village

Xerokambos Beach, 10km south from  Zakros

The Olive Oil

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Crete Olive oilA truly priceless treasure indispensable in the daily nutrition of the Cretans since the dawn of history. It is produced in the beautiful olive groves which cover the hilly and mountainous embossed soil of the Sitia's land, under ideal soil and climatic conditions (extensive periods of sunshine, (mild and sweet winters, cool summers, natural fertile soils, clean atmosphere).

The fresh fruit juice of olives is produced in Crete since the Minoan era and it is a product obtained by mechanically processing the olive crop. It is consumed in its virgin form without further processing. It has a wonderful aroma, a fruit's like taste but mainly it is rich in remarkable biological, nutritional, preventive and therapeutically properties with beneficial action in the development and protection of the human system.

The olive oil centralizes the most benefits by comparison to any other oleaginous substances of those humans are consuming. On this fact agree and have concluded long and extensive laboratory and clinical researches. In additional to these conclusions, the same result has been reached by many independent epidemiological researches around the world. But the experience, deriving from the excellent results of the highly successful diet of the Cretan population, based on olive oil for many centuries ago; possibly represent the best possible proof. Among others those researches proved that the olive oil:

Cures gastrointestinal and hepatic diseases
Deters the development of cholelithiasis and protects urinary system.
Comforts the diabetic patients
Protects the human skin against the sun rays
Exercises beneficial influence in the development of the human skeleton.
Extends the young ness of the human body
Precludes the appearance of arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases and various forms of cancer.

This is probably the main reason that more and more people in the developed world try to subsume to their eating habits the Cretan diet.

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